Here’s Why Your NJ Architect Insists On LEED Green Design

If you’ve looked for an architect in northern NJ lately, you may notice that many of them are promoting or even insisting on LEED design. What is this type of design, and why is it so important? Read on to find out.

What is LEED Green Design?

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a certification of “green” or sustainable design, and one of the most widely used across the world. It has numerous levels that help people to understand how sustainable a building or other space is.

Does it save money?

Compared to traditional design, LEED can use 30-60% less energy—which means (potentially) 30-60% lower energy costs. Higher levels of LEED certification save more, and you may also see more or fewer savings depending on your energy company’s pricing tier. LEED can also minimize water usage, reducing water costs.

Does it cost more?

LEED construction may cost more, or may be comparable to the traditional costs of design and build in your area. Check with your architect for a full review of the cost comparison.

Will green architecture help me be healthier?

Green architecture is, without a doubt, better for the planet. By using fewer fossil fuels, less water, and by accomplishing many of these things by working with nature, not against nature, green architecture can usually benefit the planet and everyone living in it.

Will LEED design make my home sell for more?

It is quite possible! On average, green homes of all types historically sell faster and for higher prices than traditional homes. A study of homes in California found an average of 9% higher sales for homes with green certification.

Is LEED or green design required?

For residential homes, very few places require green design. However, more urban and commercial areas are adding these sorts of restrictions. Even if green design is not required, you can feel safe knowing you are prepared for the future if your current design projects are green from the start. For advice on your specific project, give your trusted architectural team in NJ a call and find out.

We hope we’ve answered many of your questions about LEED and green design services in NJ. If you’d like to find out more, or get started on a LEED-certified project today, call Architecture 915 today for a free consultation!

How An Architect in Northern NJ Can Transform Your Home Office

Confession time: have you been working from your kitchen table during the COVID-19 pandemic? Or, worse, your couch or bed? If the pandemic has turned your home into a default “home office,” it might be time to make a serious decision. Should you transform your home into a true home office, or keep propping old books on the coffee table? The expert team at Architecture 915 weighs in.

Step One: Design.

The first step in our process is to design with the client. When you’re considering upgrading to a real home office, take a moment to consider the design. Do you have a dedicated room that you need to remodel, or will you be creating space from something else? We have seen amazing little home offices built onto the end of existing rooms, in unused storage spaces, added onto the side of the home, and all over the place—just consider where you want to put it! You can share your ideas however you’d like, but many people enjoy viewing online photos and sharing their favorite ones for inspiration.

Step Two: Plan and Build

This is really a step for your architecture team, but you’ll be heavily involved in the planning. Once you’ve decided on an upgrade, and have some ideas in mind, your architecture team will help you plan the next steps. This can involve everything from drawing up designs, using computer-aided design tools, petitioning your city or zoning board, or submitting proposals.

Once the plans with the officials have been made, someone will also need to plan for the materials and the contractors to build the situation of your dreams. If you’re working with Architecture 915, you can sit back and enjoy most of this process—we handle most of it for you! Finally, we get those contractors on a schedule and have them make those plans real—of course, you would be involved, but the professionals do the heavy lifting.

Step Three: Enjoy

Back to your work—the job is done! When you work with Architecture 915, we promise to choose high-quality contractors who will make your vision a reality without leaving a mess. If you’ve added a home office to your property, you can go in, set up your computer, and get to work.

Does this sound too easy to be true? When you work with a full-service architecture company in NJ, this should sound normal. Start your home remodel today and build an office to work from home now!